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Breaking Down The Barriers

Breaking Down The Barriers

breaking down barriers

The 3Sixty Care Partnership will break down barriers to make it easier to provide joined-up care that is, local, preventative, high quality and efficient. Working as multidisciplinary teams will help us work better across traditional boundaries between patients, social care and different parts of the NHS. It will also encourage ideas and

new thinking to deliver better, safer care more efficiently.

3Sixty Care Partnership will open up new opportunities for partners, clinicians and managers. Over time it will also help to manage demand for general practice, by building community networks, connecting with the voluntary sector, and supporting patient self-care.

As it develops 3Sixty Care Partnership may deliver some services currently based in hospitals, such as some outpatient clinics or care for frail older people as well as some diagnostics and day surgery.

We expect it will also bring mental and physical health services more closely together, and enable NHS and social care services to work more collaboratively. It will mean working with all statutory and voluntary organisations in our area that can help achieve the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for our communities.

The key feature of our MCP model is providing more care in the community. We aim to coordinate specialist input into delivery and coordination of out of hospital care, this will help to shift care from acute to community and primary care settings, thereby reducing hospital admissions and improving early discharge.

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