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Our Vision

Our Vision

Joined-up health and care services keeping our communities healthier, happier and out of hospitalĀ alongside sustainable, resilient Primary Care.

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Joined-up health and care services keeping our communities healthier, happier and out of hospital.


Create the conditions where, in collaboration with our local communities, we can deliver the highest quality healthcare, closer to home. By supporting people to take control of their own health and wellbeing, create a better patient experience, keep people out of hospital and improve local health outcomes.


The 3Sixty Care Partnership is a values-led partnership.

We value quality and achieve excellence through integration, innovation and sound business decisions
We recognise everyone as individuals and treat them with respect and dignity and compassion
We will generate loyalty and support amongst and for our GPs and Trust staff.


Health and social care staff work as one team, with effective and streamlined communication between partners
to encourage the brightest and best health and care staff to work with our partner organisations
Patients and their conditions are viewed holistically by a Multidisciplinary Team Care and provided by the right people and at the right time and in the right place
Care, including prevention, is delivered proactively to those patients at risk, rather than only in reaction to illness
Services designed around the needs of our patients
Patients are involved with their own care plan, with their own goals
At-risk patients treated in hospital will leave sooner, and have proactive primary care input during their admission.